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Desktop Lenses (over 40s)

What happens to your eyes as you get older?


When the eye is youthful, the lens inside the eye is flexible and the muscles that pull the lens into the correct position to focus are strong and effective. It's the muscles and the lens working together that allows the eye to change focus from objects that are far away to objects that are close. As the eye ages the cells in the eye degenerate and the eye muscles lose strength. As a result, there is a loss in focusing ability for near vision. This is called presbyopia


What is the solution?

After a full eye examination has been conducted by your Torga optometrist, you may receive a prescription for corrective lenses that will assist you to see more comfortably. Your prescription could include single vision reading glasses or multifocal lenses, both of which address presbyopia very effectively.

Multifocals are the most technologically advanced solution; and Torga multifocals are manufactured using the very latest German precision lens technology.

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